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Clipping, while described in the light of computer graphics, is a process of deliberately turning on and off rendering operations inside a described area. Planes made by clipping is used to prevent the provider from keeping a count of the surface at a far distance from the viewer. The plane fills in the whole viewpoint and a determined distance away. Its use detracts the reality of a particular scene. The viewer may find out that everything is not delivered properly and disappearing unpremeditated.

Clipping varies to a great extent from two dimensional to three dimensional graphics.

In two-dimensional graphics, a clipping region may be fixed so that the pixels are only crafted inside a boundary. It can be used for deliberately controlling the delivery of pixels for aesthetic purposes. For example, take in account a photo editing program. A user enactment may deliver the photo into an angle of vision . As the user closes in to see a more detailed version of the image, the applications throws in a clip wall so that pixels which are outside that particular area are not shown. Computing time and memory can be saved if the application software takes advantage of this information as work related to pixels that are not visible can be avoided.

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