Color correction is a most important prepress step and is strongly connected with creating good looking web albums and prints. Clipping Expert Pro (CEP) offers RAW conversion, prepress and color correction services of business quality moreover together or separate with retouching.

Color corrections are important for booming web publishing and printing which includes skin tone adjustment, temperature, exposure, contrast, saturation and highlights, brightness correction and shadows balance manage.

You can ready to have more time to income on developing your studio, just enjoying time with your loving family, have getting more time to surfing lessons or just doing what you love to do! CEP’s purpose is to make an aerodynamic workflow from when you shoot your event until you throw the hand edited photos to your valuable customer.

  • By Custom Edit to Your Style
  • No Minimums
  • Reliable & Fast Turnaround
  • Hand Edited by Our Graphic Artist 

    Images are made of pixels. Millions of tiny little dots put together, that create the big picture. These pixels, which define the image that you hold so precious, hold color in each one of them. So in essence, each pixel denotes a color. Each image you have, is a collection of colors, arranged in patterns that make up an image. Correcting these colors, can dramatically change the effect it creates in a person’s head. 

    Post Production Service 24/7

    Post production, as the name suggests, is about improving images, after they’ve been taken. Being a widely used term in the video industry, post production helps to improve the images as against their initial quality.

    Color Path Service

    Color path is a technique, which is used to select portions of images based on colors. This is an ideal method to use, when the desired selection has similar colors. A orange couch in a white background for instance, can easily be selected out, using Color Path. The experts in our team are heavily equipped to handle image selections. Of these said selections, color path is one technique they chose to deploy, when required.

    Multi Color Path Service

    Multi Color Path, is a more sophisticated version of Color Path. Using this technique, the required selection can be made on the image despite it having more than one main color tone. Is it extremely useful technique, given that often, images are not going to be a single solid color.

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